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Manitoba's leading medical alarm service, right in your neighborhood.
Offering in-person service, quick response, and hands-on support.

As a service of the Victoria Hospital Foundation, we are seamlessly integrated into the healthcare system, with a vast network of professionals who frequently refer to our program.

"It's important that someone comes and installs the equipment, that the device isn't just mailed to them. Seniors need relationships and human voices." 

- Geriatric Nurse Specialist

Victoria Lifeline offers these important service features for your patients:

  • Personalized service - a local Home Service Representative will install the equipment and demonstrate how it works. Our caring staff will arrange the installation appointment as quickly as possible.

  • The ability to answer an incoming telephone call by pressing the Personal Help Button, so patients don’t risk a fall rushing to the phone.*

  • Equipment that self-identifies when servicing is required. If the battery needs replacing in the button for example, the Response Centre will receive a low-battery signal and we will call the client to schedule a service appointment.

  • Advanced fall detection technology. The AutoAlert button is designed to call for help automatically if a fall is detected and your patient is injured, immobilized or unconscious.

  • A Response Centre that can answer a help call in multiple languages. The Response Centre has access to a language bank and can respond in over 120 languages.

  • A waterproof button for patients to wear in the bath or shower, a common place for household slips and falls.

  • A response protocol that ensures a call isn’t closed until help arrives in the client’s home. Your patients are never left wondering if help is coming when they need it the most.

  • A medical alert service that is part of a hospital foundation and integrated into the healthcare system. Local support means better service for your patients.

  • Patients feel confident knowing Victoria Lifeline’s representatives are nearby if they need help or have questions.

*Available with the 6000 series communicator units.

The stats are in! In 2022, Victoria Lifeline answered 111,223 button presses, and resolved 53% of help needed calls without calling EMS. The industry leading AutoAlert fall detection button also detected 606 falls, that's 606 potential lives saved! Here is a snapshot of 2022, highlighting Victoria Lifeline's positive impact on our clients and the healthcare system as a whole. 

Annual Victoria Lifeline program statistics



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