Victoria Lifeline's

Subsidy Program

Because income shouldn't be a barrier to potentially life-saving medical alert solutions.

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What is the Subsidy Program?

The Subsidy Program aims to provide emergency response devices to all eligible individuals at a subsidized rate so that income is not a barrier to having this potentially life-saving service. 

The program was first introduced in 1994 based on the philosophy that anyone who needs the service should have access to it, regardless of age, ability or income. Our subsidy program has helped countless Manitobans live with confidence and dignity in the comfort of their own home.

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How Does It Work?

Under the guidelines, a subsidized client only pays 50% of the recurring monthly rate and the activation fee is also waived.

The rate for our HomeSafe service plan is as low as $21/month. 

How to Qualify

1. Complete the Subsidy Program Application and submit it via email or fax.
Fax: (204) 261-7719 or toll-free 1-877-784-6865.

2. In order to be eligible for the program, an individual's taxable income must be $18,000/year or less. Taxable income is listed as line item 26000 on the Notice of Assessment Form. The total household taxable income must be $26,000/year or less if the subscriber lives with someone.

3. To verify income, we require a copy of your Notice of Assessment from Revenue Canada. Please click on the link for a Sample Notice of Assessment Revenue Canada.

Our Guiding Principles

We are committed to equitable access for our clients, staff and partners while striving to identify and eliminate barriers to service and opportunity.

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Subsidized Service Options

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HomeSafe (Wrist or Neck Option)

This is our traditional service offering, which includes a communicator unit and a waterproof button that can be pushed anytime help is needed. Anytime. Day or night. A great option to help remain independent at home.

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HomeSafe with Fall Detection (Pendant Only)

As older adults and those living with chronic conditions are at risk for falls, we recently expanded the subsidy program to include the fall detection button. Our Fall Detection technology provides another layer of protection.

For clients who do not have a traditional landline telephone, our new Wireless Communicator is available, which is compatible with both HomeSafe Standard and Fall Detection. 

Ready to talk about Service Options

and our Subsidy Program?

To discuss which service option is right for you or to learn more about the subsidy program,
please call (204) 956-6777 or toll-free at 1-888-722-5222 and speak to one of our Client Service Representatives. 

Refer a Patient

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With our follow-up request form, you can refer a patient for a home or hospital visit by one of our educators.

Assessment Tools

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Offer our assessment tools and information sheets as resources to your patients to see if Lifeline is right for them.

Senior Service Guide

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A comprehensive guide to help you easily find and access resources like Home Care, Meal Programs, Transportation, & More!