Medication Dispenser

A simple, affordable and automated way to manage multiple medications with 24/7 monitoring.

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It's time for a better way to manage your medications!

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You rely on your medications to keep you healthy. But complicated medication schedules can lead to mistakes.

Avoid unnecessary doctor or hospital visits with the MedReady® Medication Dispenser. Stay independent at home with our 24-hour monitored dispenser, ensuring you take the right dose at the right time.

39% of Canadians struggle to follow the correct regimen for their medication.

Forgetfulness significantly contributes to non-adherence with prescription schedules, a factor automated medication management can mitigate. Keeping loved ones safe and independent is often a caregiver’s primary goal.

Automated medication dispensers can help achieve those things by making medication management quicker and easier for the caregiver and the loved one. 

MedReady Device

Features & Benefits

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Easy to use
Dispenses pre-loaded doses at the scheduled time3. Simply press open the compartment to receive the medication.

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Response Centre Monitoring
A caregiver is alerted when a dose is missed by SMS text or email. The Response Centre is also available to support the caregiver when needed.

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Highly Reliable
Visual and audible alarms indicate when it is time to take the medication and allows for greater adherence.

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Back up battery 
Designed to distribute every dose on time, even in a power outage, thanks to our reliable backup battery 4 protection.

Image Hover Zoom Safe & Secure Icon

Safe & Secure
Secure edges and a safety lock help ensure that medications stay in the right hands.

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Flexible Reminders
Never worry about missing a dose, thanks to our email, text and phone reminders.

How MedReady® Works

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1. Fill
Using the dosing templates (1 to 4 doses a day) add medications from dose 1 then confirm when completed.

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2. Take medication
The pill tray rotates to the scheduled dose and the audible alarm sounds. Open the medication compartment and retrieve the pills.

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3. Alerts
Caregiver received an SMS text or email2 if medication has not been taken or when the dispenser needs troubleshooting.

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4. Lifeline Response Centre support
Our specially trained Associates will assist the caregiver and can send the right help if needed.


Frequently Asked Questions (MedReady)

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How many doses a day can be programmed?
How many days’ worth of medication can the dispenser hold?
Are the medications locked?
Is the MedReady Dispenser a mobile device (i.e. portable so it can be taken with the subscriber when they go out)?

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Learning to live healthy

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1. This service is only available at participating Lifeline programs.
2. The subscriber and/or caregiver require a smartphone in order to enroll in this service.
3. Certain limitations subject to third party cellular provider availability and coverage. Signal range may vary.
4. Back-up power battery can last up to 72 hours.